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Φ6.2×87m Rotary Kiln

Technical Performance of Ф6.2×87m Rotary Kiln:
Specification: Ф6.2×87m
Output: 12000t/d dry process cement production line
Inclination: 3.5%
Amount of supports: 3
Rotating speed: main driving: 0.45~4.5r/min; auxiliary driving: 8.5r/h
Sealing mode: sheet steel for sealing kiln head and end
Cooling of kiln head: air cooling
Cooling of Ⅰ, Ⅱ thrust roller belts: air cooling
Driving mode: bilateral driving; main driving motor: 1050×2 KW.

Main Components ofФ6.2×87m Rotary Kiln:
1. Cooling tube for kiln head
2. Air cooler for Ⅰand Ⅱ thrust roller belt
3. 3 supporting devices
4. Cast alloy steel supporting rollers are designed with solid construction, and some parameters of them are in the following.

External diameter Width Amount Weight (kg) Total weight (kg)
Ф2400 1150 2 32800 65600
Ф2700 1300 2 45600 91200
Ф2400 1150 2 32800 65600

5. Cone thrust rollers are made of cast alloy steel, and they have undergone normalizing treatment. The weight of double thrust roller is 5250kg.

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