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Fluidized Bed Furnace

Description of Fluidized Bed Furnace:
This fluidized bed furnace is mainly used to scatter fine particle coal into the hot air furnace, where the coal can be burned. Inside this furnace, the coal can get a burning rate of 98%, and its heat efficiency can be as high as 95%. In this way, environment pollution can be largely reduced, and the heat utilization rate is vastly increased.
It can send 0-10m coal onto the air distribution plate where high-pressure air can make coal particles and other furnace charge boil. Because the coal particles only take up about 1% of the furnace charge, the boiling coal is able to have a large contact area with the air inside the furnace and their relative velocity is large, which makes the coal stay long enough inside this furnace.

Features of Fluidized Bed Furnace:
1. It is easy to operate and adjust, and it can be heated up quickly. When starting, it can be operated at full capacity only after twenty or thirty minutes later.
2. It can be easily heated evenly, and has long service lifespan. Besides, its fuel preparation is quite easy and simple.
3. Strong adaptability to different kinds of fuels, it can be fueled by a wide range of low-quality coal and slag whose heat generation capacity can reach 6270KJ/Kg.
4. Capable of providing stable and even heat, it can help improve the productivity of dryer by 50-70%, and the carbon content of its slag is less than 1%, which makes it a perfect admixture for cement.

Matching Form of Fluidized Bed Furnace and Dryer:

Model Heat supply capacity (kcal/h) Discharging temperature (℃) Discharging moisture (%) Final moisture (%) Matching dryer(m)
FFTL-3 3×106 >700 15 2 Ф2.2×(12-14)
FFTL-4 4×106 >700 15 2 Ф2.4×(16-18)
FFTL-5 5×106 >700 15 2 Ф2.8×(20-24)
FFTL-6 6×106 >700 15 2 Ф3.0×(20-25)

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