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Gypsum Dehydrator

Description of Gypsum Dehydrator:
This gypsum dehydrator is typically designed to rapidly remove moisture from gypsum. Our gypsum dehydrator mainly consists of spindle, dispersion device shell, and transmission device.

Driven by the transmission device, the dispersion device on the spindle can rotate at high speed so as to disperse, separate and sieve target materials. If a PHGF boiling furnace is matched in the desulfurization process, target materials, after dispersed and sieved, can directly exchange heat with the air in the furnace, thus achieving better drying effects.

Both of the dispersion device and the lining plate of the shell are made of materials that have good heat resistance capacity as well as good abrasion resistance ability. Moreover, they have innovative structures, long service life, and are easy to maintain.

Parameters of Gypsum Dehydrator:

Model Rotor diameter
Productivity (t/h) Motor power
Moisture of feeding material
Moisture of discharging material
Feeding temperature
Weight (t)
1412 1400 3-8 75 <25 <5 ~750 24.6
1614 1600 5-10 90 <25 <5 ~850 26.98
2224 2200 10-20 160 <25 <5 ~750 38.90

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