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1500 Tons/Day Cement Processing Line

Description of 1500 Tons/Day Cement Processing Line:
Our 1500t/d cement processing line is a new type of dry process cement clinker production line. The φ3.5×54m rotary kiln has been used as rotary kiln, whose end is fitted with five-stage cyclone preheater and decomposition furnace.

Its process flow mainly consists of limestone crushing, raw meal grinding, raw meal homogenizing and storing, calcining, and cement grinding. Detailed information about it will be given in the following.

1. Limestone crushing:
Limestone is crushed by the single-stage hammer crusher, which is usually used to crush medium-hardness brittle ores, like limestone, marl, shale, gypsum, coal, etc. It is capable of crushing large raw ores to the required feeding size, and its discharging grate can easily dispose the moisture and earth in ores. Special protection system is employed in iron feeding, which can send the uncrushed metals to the feeding device. In this way, the operator can stop the machine timely to solve the problem when they hear strange metal sound.

In this 1500t/d cement processing line, we use the TKPC16.18 single-stage hammer crusher. And its feeding size is 800mm, its production capacity 250t/h, and its annual utilization rate 25.51%.

2. Raw meal grinding:
For raw meal grinding, we have HRM2800m vertical grinding mill system.

3. Raw meal homogenizing and storing:
Our φ15×50mMF homogenizing silo has integrated raw meal homogenizing and storing into one body, and its raw meal storage capacity is about 6500t and the storage period about 2.86 days.

4. Calcining:
Its calcining system is mainly comprised of single-row five-stage CDC predecomposition system, φ3.5×54m rotary kiln and new-type air girder cooling machine. Its productivity of cement clinker is about 1500t/d, and its heat consumption is about 840Kcal/kg (3511.0KJ/kg). The resolution ratio of calcium carbonate of the feeding materials is more than 90%. Additionally, the extra heat the waste gas is applied in drying raw materials and raw coal.

The clinker cooling has employed the advanced grate cooler with a grate bed that has an effective area of 61.8m2, and a clinker temperature that is 65℃ higher than the ambient temperature.

5. Cement grinding:
This 1500t/d cement processing line has two φ3.5×13m tube mills and they are equipped with N-1500 type O-SEPA high-efficiency air powder separator to make up a circulatory grinding system. Their productivity is about 50t/h.

List of Main Equipment:

No Item name Name, specification and performance Productivity (t/h) Quantity (Set) Annual utilization rate (%) Remarks
1 Limestone crushing Heavy type apron feeder
Specification: B1250×11500mm
Feeding size: 800mm
Power: 30kW
200~350 1 25.51  
Single-stage hammer crusher
Model: TKPC16.18
Feeding size: 800mm
Discharging size: ≤25mm
Power: 355kW
250 1 25.51
2 Limestone pre-homogenizing Stacker-Reclaimer
Distance between rails: 24m
Total installed capacity: 142kW
Stacking method: continuous
Stacking layers: >400
Reclaiming method: full-section reclaiming
Stacking capacity:
Reclaiming capacity: 250t/h
3 Raw meal grinding Vertical mill:
Specification: HRM2800mm
Feeding size: ≤40mm
Fineness of finished product: 0.080mm
Feeding moisture: ≤6%
discharge moisture: ≤0.5%
Motor power: 1250kW
130 1 60.90  
4 Waste gas Treatment of kiln
and mill
Conditioning tower
Specification: Φ7.5×26m
Air processing capacity: 400000m3/h
Feeding air temperature: 340℃
 discharged air temperature:
  1 82.19  
High temperature fan
Flow: 400000m3/h
Total pressure: 7500Pa
Operation temperature: 340℃ (instant temperature 450℃)
Rotary speed: 1450r/min
Motor power: 1250kW
  1 82.19  
2350DIBB24 High temperature fan
Air processing volume:300000m3/h 7500 Pa
c.BS930 electronic environmental protection equipment
Air processing capacity:400000m3/h
Inlet dust concentration: ≤80g/Nm2
Outlet dust concentraion: ≤50mg
  1 82.19  
Exhaust gas fan of kiln end
 Flow: 420000m3/h
Total pressure: 1500Pa
Operation temperature: 150℃
 Motor power: 355kW
  1 82.19  
5 kiln inlet Five-stage cyclone pre-heater and decomposition furnace system
C1: 2-Φ4300mm
C2: 1-Φ5600mm
C3: 1-Φ5600mm
C4: 1-Φ5900mm
C5: 1-Φ5900mm
decomposition furnace:
62.50 1 82.19  
6 kiln Rotary kiln
Specification: Φ3.5×54m
Inclination: 4%
 Rotary speed: 0.4~3.96r/min
Motor power: 220kW (DC speed adjusting)
62.50 1 82.19  
7 kiln outlet clinker cooling Air girder grate cooler
 Model: LBTF1700
62.50 1 82.19  
8 Cement grinding Tube mill
Specification: Φ3.5×13m
Fineness of final product: 320m2/kg
Main motor power: 2000kW
50 2 58.59  
Powder separator
Model: O-Sepa1500
Air volume: 1500m3/min
  2 58.59
9 Cement packing Eight-mouth rotary packer
Mesuring accuracy: ±0.25kg per bag
90 2 34.18  

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