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Biaxial Wetting Mixer

Description of Biaxial Wetting Mixer:
Our ZJ/SJ biaxial wetting mixer is typically designed to mix materials or mix materials with water, and it can also be used for mixing with steam pipe to heat. It is an ideal machine mainly used in fertilizer industry.

Here in Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co., Ltd, we have two types of biaxial wetting mixer for customers worldwide: normal type ZJ and anti-corrosive type SJ. The shell, two axles and blade of the SJ type are made of stainless steel. Therefore, it has features of good anti-corrosion capacity, long service life, easy maintenance, even mixing capacity, continuous conveying, and convenient assembly.

Technical Parameters of ZJ/SJ Series Biaxial Wetting Mixer

Model Productivity Rotating speed Motor power Weight
ZJ4.0 10-15 45 11 1910
ZJ4.5 15-20 50 15 2250
ZJ5.0 20-25 50 15 2900
ZJ5.5 25-35 50 22 3800
ZJ6.0 30-45 50 30 5500
ZJ7.0 35-60 50 37 6750
ZJ8.0 40-75 48 45 8100
ZJ9.0 50-90 48 45 8850

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